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rainbow kittens fall from his eyes

Mark Jondahl
23 June
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I am a multidisciplinary/conceptual artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. My methods of expression include digital art, experimental music, photography, writing, social media, and participation art.

This blog serves to showcase what inspires me, outrages me, amuses me, intrigues me, makes me proud, makes me ashamed, and saddens me. It is a large part of my artistic process. Some of my ideas start here, and some of them end here.

I reserve all rights to all the original ideas and artwork on this blog, unless otherwise attributed. Please request the license to reproduce them in any form. I make no claim of ownership to content obtained through random image generators, reposting or search engine results. If you wish to contribute funds towards my artistic endeavors, please do. All help is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded.

Due to security concerns, I have limited comments on my posts to friends only. If you would like to be my friend, please feel free to add me and drop me an email.

Thank you,
Mark Jondahl